A sampling of comments from the long history of satisfied clients, architects and contractors who have worked with Dave Pettigrew and Competitive Edge Construction...

“ What we have enjoyed most about Competitive Edge is that when the unexpected happens, or when plans change midstream, it isn’t a profit opportunity for Dave. Our experience with ‘guaranteed maximum price’ contractors is just the opposite. These changes which happen on all jobs, of any size, are where we have seen contractors charge huge numbers. Dave’s attitude is, first of all, that these changes are cost cutting opportunities. If Dave cannot find a way to save costs, then he will suggest simple, effective alternatives that are permanent.”

– Wm. Trent Smail,
Academy of Our Lady of Peace


“ Consistently, Mr. Pettigrew’s bids were within 5% of the actual range of the construction job...I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Pettigrew and his services to anyone that might be interested in availing themself of his services.”

– Kent Selby,
Marsh & McLennan


“ It was a real change of pace and a pleasure to work on two such smoothly run construction projects. The coordination with the other trades was very obvious. . . The jobs ran so smoothly we saved several days in labor estimates, thus making these projects more profitable.”

– Michael Queen,
Phoenix Construction Services


“ Mr. Pettigrew is especially adept at organizing subcontractors. This efficiency is translated into the saving of thousands of dollars in construction costs.”

– William D. Boyce, M.D.


“ Mr. Pettigrew has always been flexible and willing to adapt to the inevitable changes that occur on a project. As project manager he has acted as the city’s agent, assisting in the selection of architects for the projects, overseeing construction, monitoring HUD/CDBG compliance and ensuring compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act (federal prevailing wage law).”

– Jerry Van Leeuwen, Director
Neighborhood & Organizational
Development, City of Escondido


“ [Dave Pettigrew] is looking at the taxpayer dollars going towards this project, and he is protecting them like it is his own money... He and Kelly have done a fantastic job in running the project and making sure that we stay on track, as far as where we are heading financially and also making sure that we meet our deadlines for our grand opening in August.”

– Dennis Snyder, Director
Escondido Charter High School